Domain Name Services

Domain Name Services

At Names Plus Marketing we assist clients in securing and properly utilizing domain names which are descriptive, easy to find, easy to promote and easy to remember. Many domain names are non-specific, difficult to remember and not ideal for marketing and business development strategies.

We do research for clients and assist in acquiring domain names that are strongly positioned for search engine recognition, intuitive online discovery, integrative marketing and business development.

Domain Name Registration & Management

We register and manage domain names for clients. Services include:

  • Registering domain names with appropriate registrars
  • Acting as primary contact for renewals, transfers and domain name inquiries
  • Managing domain name portfolios, handling registrar consolidation, renewals, contact updates
  • Monitoring domain names for registration or aftermarket purchase availability
  • Consulting on strategy for domain development and monetization

Domain Name Acquisitions

Clients retain us to acquire Internet domain names for their business development projects.  We have been involved in many domain name transactions, and provide services in the following areas.

  • Domain name consulting to educate you on the process of purchasing a domain name
  • Domain name consulting to identify the most appropriate domain name(s) for a particular project, business or investment
  • Domain name research including historical registration and use analysis, search and keyword analysis, industry analysis and future potential for marketing and business development
  • Domain name negotiation and acquisition from initial contact through a successful transaction
  • Assistance with Purchase and Sale Agreements
  • Facilitation of secure transfers between sellers and buyers

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